Make Sure that Your Water Heater is NAECA Compliant

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With all of the makes and models of water heaters available today, there is certainly enough for homeowners to consider in terms of how they heat water for use throughout their homes. One factor that you must not overlook is the efficiency of the water heater that you use. Additionally, you are well-advised to ensure that your water heater is NAECA compliant. The NAECA, or National Appliance Energy Conservation Act, was enacted in 1975, creating uniform efficiency standards for the appliances that we use in our homes, water heaters included. A lot has changed since 1975 in the water heater industry, of course, and come April 16th, 2015, all residential water heaters manufactured in the US will be mandated to meet increased efficiency standards in accordance with the NAECA.

Should you have a pre-compliance water heater in your home, you don’t have to worry about anyone coming and knocking at your door, demanding to be let into your basement in order to remove your water heater on grounds of noncompliance. In fact, water heaters manufactured before April 16th, 2015, which do not meet the new standards can still be sold and purchased after this date. Any newly produced water heaters will have to adhere to these increased efficiency standards, though. Bell Plumbing and Heating suggests that you check out the selection of Rheem water heaters available that will satisfy the new efficiency requirements should you be thinking about investing in a new water heater.

Rheem water heaters offer NAECA approved efficiency levels in many different systems. While you can certainly invest in a new water heater that does not satisfy the new requirements, so long as it is grandfathered in, we ask the question: why would you? When you take advantage of a Rheem water heater with NAECA approved efficiency ratings, you can enjoy more than the pride of knowing that you have a quality system in your home. You can also cut down on energy costs substantially over time, offsetting the initial investment cost of your new water heater with reduced energy costs. When thinking in the long-term, it makes sense to invest in the type of equipment that is going to benefit you the most over time. A Rheem water heater with an NAECA compliant efficiency rating fits the bill perfectly.

To learn more about the fine Rheem water heaters in compliance with new NAECA efficiency requirements that are available to you in the Denver area, just call Bell Plumbing and Heating today. You can also see a full list of Rheem water heaters matching these efficiency mandates here.

Give us a call today if you are interested in learning more about how Rheem water heaters are satisfying efficiency requirements for new NAECA standards.

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