Have you ever considered a career in Plumbing?

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Have you ever considered a career in Plumbing?

Are you considering relocating to Colorado?

Bell Plumbing and Heating is always looking for the best candidates! Please contact us at employment@www.bellplumbing.com if you are looking to move to the Denver Metro Area.

We hire Journeyman Plumbers, according to DORA a journeyman plumber requires four years of practical experience (6,800 hours). If you are an applicant from out of state, you will want to complete these forms to verify your experience. A copy of your out-of-state license will not be acceptable and you will need to prove four years or 6,800 hours of practical experience. Once you have your experience documented you are able to be licensed by examination. A 30 day temporary work permit can be issued once you have been approved to sit for the examination.

If you have held your out of state license for 6 months, completed a program that is registered or approved federally AND you have verifiable work experience as mentioned above you may be eligible for License by Endorsement.

Bell Plumbing and Heating considers applicants who live outside of Colorado, sending us your letter of interest please include a detailed list of your verifiable work history and include information on when you plan on relocating to Colorado and what brings you here.

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