Ceiling Fans: An Overlooked Benefit

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With all of the modern technology available today, as well as seemingly endless different options for heating and cooling one’s own home, simpler devices such as ceiling fans are often overlooked. However, we here at Bell Plumbing and Heating urge you to stop and take another look. Investing in ceiling fans for installation in your home can actually benefit you in many ways. Far from obsolete or merely decorative, ceiling fans in Denver can bring a lot to your home and to your comfort. Drop by our showroom to peruse available makes and models today.

First things first, we should note that ceiling fans are not going to cool a home in the same manner as an air conditioning system. They do not condition the air in any way. What they can do, though, is be used in conjunction with your home cooling system in order to better circulate conditioned air throughout your household. This can help to spread comfortable air more evenly throughout the house, allowing you to turn up the temperature at the thermostat by a few degrees without sacrificing your comfort. Doing so can shave some dollars off of your cooling costs.

While many homeowners automatically think of cooling off with a fan during the warm summer months, ceiling fans are actually incredibly useful during the winter season as well. Heat does tend to rise, after all. When the heat generated by your heating system rises above inhabited space, it doesn’t do as much good. By reversing the direction of your ceiling fans, you can use them to force this heated air back down, again balancing conditioned air for optimal results.

Of course, there is some decorative element to ceiling fans as well. There is no reason as to why you must entirely separate function and fashion, after all. We have a number of great ceiling fans for you to choose from, from bracket mounted models to downrod mounted options. By supplementing your HVAC system with these low energy consumption devices, you can truly live in the comfort you deserve without breaking the bank to do so.

Whatever your stylistic and usage preferences may be, Bell Plumbing and Heating is more than happy to help you find the right ceiling fans for your Denver residence.

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