Preventing the Need for Drain Cleaning Service

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The amount of water that the drains in your home handle on a daily basis is tremendous. The volume of organic and solid waste that flows down the drainpipes in this wastewater will leave deposits along them and may eventually cause the drains to clog or create slow drains. When this happens, you will need to call for professional drain cleaning services to scour out the drains and restore them to their best condition.

Clogs and slow drains are an inconvenience that you want to avoid if possible. We have some tips that will help you prevent unnecessary calls for emergency drain cleaning in Franktown, CO and the surrounding areas. If you should require fast drain cleaning services from quality professionals, call Bell Plumbing and Heating. We have plumbers ready around the clock to assist you with whatever you need.

How to avoid drain cleaning service calls

  • Arrange for regular drain cleaning: Yes, the best way to keep away drain cleaning is to have drain cleaning done as part of your annual routine. Instead of scrambling to have cleaning to eliminate serious problems, you can have the problems taken care of ahead of time with regular service. Professional cleaners use hydro-jetting equipment to thoroughly eliminate deposits and buildup inside the drains and help keep further deposits from developing. A regular cleaning should keep your drains problem-free for the year to come.
  • Do not pour FOG down drains: “FOG” is an acronym for “fats, oils, and grease.” In liquid form, these substances may seem harmless for drains, but once they cool down they change into waxy and obstinate solid material that rapidly starts to coat drain interiors. This accumulation of FOG is one of the major causes of slow drains and clogging in home plumbing. Instead of pouring cooking fats, oils, and grease down kitchen sink drains, pour them into a separate receptacle and remove them to the trash.
  • Use drain covers: Simple drain covers will go a long way toward preventing unwanted material from going into drainpipes. These covers are especially useful for bathroom sinks and showers because they will catch hair that is one of the main reasons that bathroom drains need cleaning.

Keep in mind that you need professionals to handle drain cleaning, whether as an emergency repair or as part of regular plumbing maintenance. Although a basic plunger can help out with minor clogs, do not attempt any other “cleaning” method, such as pouring acidic chemicals down the drains. Have all your needs for drain cleaning in Denver taken care of with a call to Bell Plumbing and Heating.

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