Is Your Water Treatment System in Need of Repair?

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One of the advantages of a professionally installed water treatment system in a home is that it works without you needing to think about it most of the time. Depending on the system, it may need to have its filters changed or emptied occasionally, but if you arrange for regular maintenance from the same professionals who installed it in the first place, you should experience few difficulties from the system and continue to enjoy quality water each day.

However, water treatment systems are like any complex mechanical device: they can develop malfunctions and need repair work. Don’t try to repair one of these systems on your own if you notice that something seems wrong. For the longest life from your home’s water treatment system—whether it’s a filtration system, a reverse osmosis system, or a water softener—call on Bell Plumbing and Heating. We offer water treatment system repair in Westminster, CO and the surrounding areas. We are ready 24 hours a day to assist you.

Signs you may need repairs for your water treatment system

The main warning to watch for that will tell you a water treatment system isn’t working the way it should, or perhaps isn’t working at all, is a reversion in the water quality to the way it was before the system was installed. If you have a water softener, watch out for flaky white deposits appearing on fixtures and difficulty with creating soap lather. If you have a filter or a reverse osmosis system to eliminate chemicals and contaminating particles, take note of any decline in the taste or smell of the water. Any indication of a change in the water quality in your home usually means the treatment system is malfunctioning.

Broken water treatment systems can sometimes lead to strange discolorations appearing in the water, either because the system is no longer stopping contamination or because the system is placing an excessive level of additives into the supply. Call for professionals right away to look into the issue.

Changes in water pressure may also point to a broken water treatment system. The system is attached to the water main where it enters your home, and if it should become clogged or suffer from other repair troubles, it will trigger a drop in water pressure. A number of different issues within your home’s plumbing may be responsible for water pressure drops, so make sure that you call for professional plumbers to investigate and find out what actually requires repairs.

Don’t let the benefits of your home’s water treatment system slip away or vanish. At the first warnings of trouble, call Bell Plumbing and Heating for water treatment system repair in Warminster, CO. We have many decades of experience helping homes receive the highest quality water possible.

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