Why You Need Regular Drain Cleaning

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Do clogs in your plumbing seem like they are simply a way of life, a consequence of the benefit of having indoor plumbing? Many homeowners feel this way, and accept slow drains and clogging as unavoidable hassles they will need plumbers to repair a few times a year.

Although there is no way to completely eliminate problems with slow and clogged drains—accidents can always occur—they don’t have to be “business as usual” for your home. You can take preventive steps to keep the drainage system in excellent shape so that a slow drain is one of the rarest problems you might encounter. Call Bell Plumbing and Heating today and ask us about drain cleaning in Arapahoe County, CO that will make clogs and other troubles with your drains into “once in a Blue Moon” events.

The advantages of routine drain cleaning

An enormous amount of waste water goes down the drains in your home every day, particularly in the kitchen where the waste water is usually filled with organic material that clings to the inside of drainpipes. Although you can prevent large amounts of liquid fats, oils, and grease from going down a kitchen drain (always pour these liquids out into separate containers and take them to the garbage), it’s impossible to avoid some amount from getting into the plumbing. In the bathroom, the drains will start to collect soap scum, which accumulates along the pipes and may even cause acidic damage to the lining, as well as hair that will catch in the p-traps.

Without routine cleaning, this build-up of debris inside your drains will continue until it starts to cause regular clogging and slow drain problems. Although you can often break through clogs using a sink plunger, this will not solve the problem of the coating inside the pipes that triggered the trouble in the first place. (We should also mention here that you should never use store-bought chemical cleaners to attempt to eliminate drain problems. These acidic cleaners will damage the pipes, and their high toxicity makes them dangerous for you and your family.)

Regular cleaning from professionals takes care of eliminating the build-up in pipes that causes so many problems. Our Bell Plumbing and Heating professionals in drain cleaning in Arapahoe County, CO use the best equipment available to clear out drainpipes so they are almost like new. The main tool we use for the job is the hydro-jetter, which blasts out high pressure water from a hose and nozzle inserted into drains. The force of the water drives away all sorts of deposits without harming the walls of the drainpipes.

Thanks to a yearly cleaning from our professionals, you can enjoy drains that present you with almost no worries.

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