Can’t I Purchase a Hydro-Jetter and Do My Own Drain Cleaning?

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When it comes to professional drain cleaning services, perhaps the best tool that plumbers have at their disposal is the hydro-jetter. These devices place water under extremely high pressure using motors, then blast the water out a nozzle at the end of a long hose inserted down into drains. The different types of nozzles create a variety of sprays to direct the high-pressure water forwards and backwards along the inside of a drainpipe to thoroughly scour the sides of all kinds of build-up and debris. In professional hands, a hydro-jetter can provide comprehensive cleaning that leaves pipes in “like new” condition without inflicting any damage on them the way that chemical cleaners can.

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“But wait,” you might think after reading this, “that sounds like a pretty simple job. Why don’t I just purchase a hydro-jetter and take care of the work myself whenever it’s necessary?” There a couple of reasons you need to leave this job to trained professionals like those at Bell Plumbing and Heating. Instead of taking the risks below, call us for drain cleaning in Englewood, CO and the surrounding areas.

The biggest reason that you should never attempt to handle hydro-jetting yourself is that it is not safe. Either for you or your pipes. The water that comes out of the nozzle is at a minimum pressure of 7500 psi (pounds per square inch) and often much higher. A water spray at such pressures is potentially dangerous and can cause serious injury. Professionals not only know how to use hydro-jetters so they won’t injure people, they also wear extensive protection gear designed to work with hydro-jetting, such as thick padded aprons and face shields. Picking the wrong pressure hydro-jetter is also potentially damaging to pipes as well. Although high pressure water is an excellent way to clean pipes without damaging them, it is also an industrial method use to cut through pipes—so it is vital that you have skilled people pick the pressure for hydro-jetting, not accidental pipe-cutting.

It is also not cost-effective for you to purchase your own hydro-jetter. These devices are expensive, and you will probably only need to use one once a year for regular drain cleaning. It is much less costly for you to contact a professional to perform the job—and keep you safe at the same time.

Finally, drain cleaning with hydro-jetters is more complicated than it sounds. Only people who have training will know the way to thoroughly and effectively clean drains using this method. Trying it on your own, aside from its physical risks, will not result in the quality cleaning that you need.

Make drain cleaning in Englewood, CO simple: call up the plumbers at Bell Plumbing and Heating to have the work done fast and right and without damage to you or your home.

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