How Video Pipe Inspection Equipment Is Used in Drain Cleaning

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The tried-and-true methods for cleaning drains are using plungers and drain augers (also known as “drain snakes”). For simple clogs, a plunger will often solve the problem quickly. Tougher blockages will require calling on a professional plumber equipped with a powered drain auger that can rapidly drill into the clog and break it up or remove it, without needing to resort to caustic chemicals.

Technology has advanced significantly when it comes to drain cleaning services, however. One of the tools that plumbers use today to make cleaning clogged and dirty drains and sewer lines faster and more effective is video pipe inspection equipment. With the use of cameras, plumbers can investigate drain issues thoroughly and come up with targeted solutions for long-term care.

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Video pipe inspection

A video pipe inspection kit consists of a miniaturized digital camera mounted on a long fiber-optic cable. The cable connects to a monitor for the images sent from the camera. The technician feeds the cable down into drain openings, and a powerful LED light mounted beside the camera provides the illumination necessary to send back a clear view of the interior of the pipe. The cable is long enough for the plumber to investigate the full length of a sewer line right to where it exits the property line.

Using the data returned from the camera, the plumber will find out what specifically is wrong with the drain: hard water deposits, organic build-up, tree root infestations, etc. The plumber will also find where damage is affecting the line, and other issues such as sagging (“bellying”). The plumber will know the best approach to take to cleaning out the blockage quickly and safely, or if it is necessary to arrange for other repairs.

So that you understand the issues in your drain or sewer line, the plumber will play back the footage for you and supply you with a flash drive containing it. It will always be up to you if the plumber goes ahead with the suggested cleaning or repairs.

At Bell Plumbing and Heating, we are proud of the comprehensive services we provide for drains and sewers to keep them in top condition. We put to use the best available equipment; but nothing is better than training and skill, and we hire only the best technicians to tackle a job.

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