The Best Methods to Unclog Drains

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The most ubiquitous of all plumbing problems is the drain clog. Clogs can occur in any sink, shower, or other drain in a house, and range from minor stoppages resulting in slow drainage to major thick obstructions that take special effort to remove and prevent from returning.

You have almost certainly encountered a slow or clogged drain before, and therefore have some idea what to do to eliminate them. The simplest method for drain unclogging is a standard sink plunger. You should keep one of these handy at all times, since they do an excellent job for simple blockages, and don’t harm pipes.

However, the other common way that people use to deal with clogged drains, the store-bought liquid drain cleaners, are one of the worst methods of drain unclogging. These chemicals are highly toxic and the acidic action they use to eat through clogs will also start to eat through pipes. No professional plumber recommends these chemicals as a remedy for drain clogs, nor does the U.S. EPA.

If the sink plunger won’t do the job, call up professionals who will use other methods to clear out your drains. Our plumbers at Bell Plumbing and Heating will unclog your drains in Greenwood Village, CO and other place in the Denver Metro Area using tools that will do the job thoroughly and safely.

The drain snake, also called the drain auger, is a common tool that plumbers always take with them on a call. Drain snakes consist of flexible coils of metal that “snake” down into drainpipes until they contact the clog. A motor then rotates the metal coil so the ends corkscrew down into the clog, and afterwards allows the plumber to drag the stoppage out or use the end of drain snake to break apart the clog and let the fragments wash down the drain.

A more forceful and comprehensive drain cleaning device is the hydro-jetter. This device uses a motor to place a supply of water under high-pressure, and then forces it out through a nozzle inserted down into the drainpipe. The high-pressure jet of water can break through even the most resistant clogs, and the scouring action of the water cleans out deposits along the drainpipe walls, which helps prevent the clogs from returning. Hydro-jetting services are a superb way to provide full cleaning for your drains to keep them clog-free for long periods.

Assisting plumbers on most drain unclogging assignments is video inspection equipment, which sends a miniaturized camera into the drains and returns images from the pipe interior to a monitor. The information from the camera permits plumbers to target specific problems with clogs and how to best deal with them. Video inspection equipment makes the plumber’s task easier and faster.

So the next time you need to unclog drains in Greenwood Village, CO don’t reach for the chemical drain cleaner… reach for the phone and call Bell Plumbing and Heating.

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