How Do Drain Clogs Get Started?

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When you have a drain clog in your home, a small task like rinsing a couple of dishes suddenly becomes a major hassle. And besides the buildup of dishes in the sink or the pool of water that forms at your feet as you shower, clogged drains may cause problems for your pipes that could lead to the need for major plumbing repair.

When you have a slow or stopped drain, you should call a professional plumbing repair company for drain cleaning as soon as possible to avoid any repercussions. Sometimes, a simple plunger can clear clogged drains. But when this is not the case, many homeowners turn to liquid drain cleaners, which promise a quick fix for your toughest clogs. Don’t fall for these claims; liquid drain cleaners may be harmful to your skin and eyes, and they are rarely capable of clearing clogs deep within your pipes.

Common Sources of Clogs in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Drain clogs may get started in many ways. In your kitchen, tough clogs may be due to food items that are not processed by the garbage disposal and cannot pass through your drains. Another surprising source of kitchen clogs may be fats, oils, and grease poured down the drain during kitchen cleanup. These substances may seem innocuous, but fat, oil, and grease may eventually solidify in the pipes. Homeowners should dump these into a trash receptacle rather than allow them to line the drains.

In your sink or shower, hair and soap scum are major sources of drain clogs. Soap scum builds up along the insides of pipes, and hair may become caught along with it or become stuck in the p-trap, the curved section of pipe beneath your sink. Another possible source of drain clogs is a condition known as hard water. If you have an excess of minerals in your water, deposits may gather in the pipes and clog your drains. To prevent hard water from damaging your drain pipes, call a professional to install a water softener, a device which replaces problematic minerals with sodium to eliminate the impact on your pipes.

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When you need help with clogged drains in Englewood, give the drain cleaning experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating a call!

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