Signs You Need Water Treatment System Repair

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Using a whole-house water treatment system is an excellent way to solve problems that can enter your home through the municipal water supply. The right treatment system can counteract hard water, chlorine, pesticides, sulfurous oxide, and other particle and chemical contamination in your home’s water.

But water treatment systems can sometimes malfunction and require repairs from professionals. If you notice some of the signs below that there is trouble brewing in your water treatment, then call on the experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating. We will rush someone out to your home in Littleton, CO for water treatment system repair. Our staff is prepared 24 hours a day to fly to your assistance.

Watch for These Warnings That You May Need Water Treatment System Repair

  • Drop in water pressure: Most whole-house water treatment systems are attached to the water main as it enters the house, and filters this water before it moves to the various outlets. If you use a water filtration device and the filters become clogged or blocked, it will lead to a slowing down the flow of water into your home, and this will mean a noticeable plunge in water pressure. This can also happen with reverse osmosis systems. A number of different causes can lie behind water pressure drops, so make sure that you call for plumbing professionals to investigate the issue and find the right solution.
  • Tints in the water: When some treatment systems begin to malfunction, it can lead to unusual tints appearing in your water. Sometimes this is due to the system no longer being able to stop contamination. For example, if you have a filtration device to remove iron from the water supply, you may notice an orange tint in your the water if the system fails; blue-green tints indicate problems with an acid neutralizer. If the treatment system puts additives in the water to counteract contamination, the tint may be because the system is adding too much—possibly from poor initial installation. Call in experts to look over the problem.
  • Your water suddenly tastes/smells bad: If you have enjoyed the benefits of a water treatment system for a number of years, you are probably so accustomed to the taste of water with the pollutants removed that a change back to untreated water will come as a noticeable shock. What might be a small difference to someone unused to treated water will taste significant to you. When you notice anything about your water that tastes or smells wrong, then call for repairs for the treatment system right away.

You do not want to lose the advantages of your investment in a water treatment system to a malfunction. As soon as you think there are issues with your water softener, water filter, reverse osmosis system, chemical feed pump, etc., call our team at Bell Plumbing and Heating for water treatment system repair and other plumbing services in Littleton, CO that you may need.

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