How Do Ductless Split Systems Operate?

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The ductless mini split heat pump started out as a comfort system for businesses, particularly restaurants, where they freed up space that would otherwise be used for large ventilation networks. Ductless systems have now transferred over to the residential sphere, as more and more homeowners in newer and older houses have discovered the benefits of leaving ductwork behind.

We have worked with ductless mini split heat pumps since they first entered homes, and you can trust that our experience will make your installation job go fast and smoothly.

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How ductless mini split heat pumps work without a ventilation system

Ductless systems operate in much the same way as any heat pump: they cycle refrigerant between and indoor and outdoor unit. The refrigerant shifts between liquid and gaseous states, absorbing heat through one set of coils through evaporation, and then releasing heat through the other set of coils through condensation. In heating mode, the indoor coil acts as the condenser and the outdoor as the evaporator; in cooling mode, the two coils swap functions.

However, the similarity between a standard split heat pump and a ductless mini split ends when it comes to the layout of the indoor unit. A standard central heat pump has only one indoor unit, a cabinet that contains the refrigerant coil and a blower fan. The blower fan moves air past the coil, where it is conditioned, and then out into the connected ventilation system.

With a ductless system, there are multiple indoor units that contain a blower fan and a refrigerant coil. Each of these blowers are mounted on the walls of rooms, and they connect individually through a power line and refrigerant line to the outdoor cabinet. Usually, a hole bored in the wall behind the cabinet allows these lines to exist and reach the outdoor unit.

The blowers send the conditioned air directly into a room, without the need of ducts. The blowers can be controlled from a central thermostat, but each one can also be manipulated individually, so a person can control the temperature in a room to match their own needs. You can choose to shut down heating or cooling to rooms that don’t currently need it, which helps save energy.

Is ductless right for you?

The zone control, space saving, and energy-efficient performance of ductless mini splits makes them attractive options for home comfort. However, they are not ideal for every home, so make sure that you call Bell Plumbing and Heating when you are interested in ductless split installation in Westminster, CO. Our experts in air conditioning and heating will answer all your questions to help you decide if ductless is the right choice for you.

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