3 Signs That You Need to Install a New Sewer Line

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You probably don’t give much thought to the sewer line that removes wastewater from your home; as long as it does its job, there isn’t any reason for you to worry about it. However, if you live in an older home, the sewer line may be constructed from galvanized steel that will eventually corrode past the point where repairs will do any good. In these situations, you will need to replace the line with a new one. There are also times when sewer lines from newer material will need replacement, such as because of massive root infiltration or a burst line.

Since the sewer line from where it runs from your house until it meets the municipal sewer system in the center of the street is your responsibility as a homeowner, you need to contact professionals yourself to handle sewer installation in Aurora, CO.

Bell Plumbing and Heating offers full service for sewer installation and replacement that will handle all the intensive work and restore your hygienic and safe home to you.

Watch for these signs you need sewer line replacement

  1. Damp yard with foul odors: When a sewer line bursts, wastewater will rise up through the soil of your lawn. If you see wet pools in your front yard for which you cannot account, and if these damps spots give off a terrible odor of sewage, than you have a serious break in the line and will need plumbers to excavate and replace it with a new one.
  2. Backed-up drains throughout the house: A single backed-up or slow drain in a home means there is a clog somewhere. But when all the drains—from the kitchen sink to the showers to the toilets—became clogged up, then the issue almost certainly comes from a sewer line that has suffered severe damage and needs replacement from plumbing professionals.
  3. Flooding and water spots in the basement: The biggest danger that a broken sewer line presents to a home is that it will cause a sewage backup into the basement or foundations. You will often receive early warnings of this when you notice damp spots in the basement around the drains or foul sewer smells emanating from them. You should call for assistance immediately before your home’s foundations sustain damage.

Sewer line replacement is an extensive task that requires digging equipment and years of professional experience to do correctly; you must call for professionals when you need sewer installation in Aurora, CO of any kind. Trust to Bell Plumbing and Heating, where we’ve served the needs of homeowners since 1926.

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