3 Signs of Trouble With Your Sewer Lines

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One of the most troublesome issues that can afflict your plumbing, indeed your whole house, is a break, leak, or block in the sewer line that travels under your property to the municipal sewer in the middle of the street. This long pipe is your responsibility, now the city’s, and the work needed to repair it can be extensive. If you need sewer line replacement in Denver, CO, you have to call up skilled plumbing professionals capable of handling the work.

Bell Plumbing and Heating has a long history of helping homeowners in Denver with their plumbing: we’ve been in business since 1926. Make us your first call when it’s time for sewer line repair work.

Here are a few of the signs to look for that will warn you that you have sewer line issues:

I. Drain clogs throughout the house

A single drain clog may be seen as a misfortune. Two seems like a sewer line problem. And more than two is almost definitely a sewer line problem. If you experience clogs and slow drains throughout your home, it probably means that blockage or breaks in the sewer line are causing sewage to back up into the drainpipes. If you are also sensing a foul odor from the drains, then you need to call for plumbers immediately.

II. Damp and smelly spots on the lawn

If a sewer line breaks from corrosion or the pressure from tree roots, the wastewater inside will start to leak upward and through your front lawn. If you notice damp spots in the front yard that are not due to sprinklers or rain, and if the soggy sections emanate a bad smell, then you have a sewer line break and must call for assistance right away.

III. Leaking signs or pests in the basement

Sewer line problems will affect the lowest part of a home first, so if you have a basement, a damaged line will start to leak water there before the problems spread upward. If you see water spots around the drains in the basement, or find an infestation of insects and vermin (they are drawn to sewer odors), you need to call for a plumber to investigate before serious flooding begins to affect the basement or the home’s foundations.

No other plumbing job requires as much experience or skill as work on a sewer line. When you need sewer line replacement in Denver, CO, you can’t rely on amateurs or a small, inexperienced plumbing contractor. Instead, look to the many decades of quality work at Bell Plumbing and Heating that have made us a success. We know that sewer line troubles won’t wait to happen when they are convenient, so we have 24-hour emergency service ready to help.

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