What Are the Stages Involved in Drain Repair?

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The drains in your house do an enormous amount of work every day removing waste water out from your home and to the sewer line. The drains in the master bathroom and the kitchen see an especially large amount of water flow through them. Although drains are durable, eventually a time may come when one of the drains in your house needs repairs. This can be as small a job as clearing away clogs and replacing corroded pipes, to excavating to repair a busted sewer line.

To handle your drain repair in Littleton, CO, you’ll need a company prepared to investigate to find the cause of the problem and then apply the necessary remedy. Bell Plumbing and Heating is ready with 24-hour emergency service to come to your rescue when you start to experience troubles with your drains.

The Stages of Drain Repair

  • Diagnosis: The first step in performing drain repair is finding out what needs repair. If you called for drain repair, it was probably because of clogging, or else you detected waste water leaking. However, there could be a number of reasons behind any of these problems: corroded pipes, organic clogging, hard water deposits, root infestation, sewer back-ups. Plumbers will use a variety of tools to determine what has caused the problem. Video inspection equipment (cameras on long fiber optic cables) is one of the most commonly used devices to find out where repairs should be applied.
  • Unclogging: If clogging—from any source—turns out to be the issue with your drain, then the plumbers will bring out their high-end equipment to remove or break-up the clogs. Some methods used include powered drain augers (a.k.a. drain snakes) and high-pressure water jets. Some serious clogs, such as root infiltration, may require more extensive methods.
  • Pipe cleaning/replacement: If unclogging didn’t work, or if the trouble comes from damage or corroded pipes, then the plumbers will have to access the pipework itself to loosen the pipes using a series of special wrenches and either clean the pipe or do a complete pipe replacement.
  • Sewer repairs: The most serious case of drain repair is when the sewer line itself has suffered damage, whether from roots, landslides, flooding, construction, or corrosion. Sewer repair work involves excavation of the trench where the sewer line is buried, and can take several days. However, this work is necessary or else your home could suffer from sewage flooding into the basement and damaging its foundations.

Bell Plumbing and Heating has offered drain repair and other plumbing services in Littleton, CO since 1926, and we’ve remained family-owned and operated since Day 1. For handling drain repair, as well as any other plumbing repairs your home may need, give us a call any time of the day or night.

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