The Importance of Scheduling Annual Maintenance of Your Central Air Conditioner in Denver, CO

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With the hot weather season approaching, air conditioners around the country will begin to switch on. Spring is the time when you should schedule your annual central air conditioner maintenance in Denver, CO. Having an annual visit from a trained technician is essential for extending the life of your unit and keeping down bills for power and repairs. Bell Plumbing and Heating has a long history of providing air conditioner maintenance that has kept our customers happy and comfortable through many summers. Call us today to set up your annual air conditioner maintenance.

Let’s look closer at why annual maintenance is so important:

How Long Will Your Air Conditioner Last?

Central air conditioning has a range of possible lifespans depending on the model, its power, features, and size. However, we can make some generalizations, both with and without regular maintenance, to explain why it’s so crucial that you schedule maintenance visits each year.

The baseline life expectancy for a central air conditioner is approximately 15 years, which assumes regular but not annual maintenance, professional air conditioning installation, and a unit that sees an average amount of use—basically, the amount you would use it in Denver. If you schedule maintenance for the unit every year, the life expectancy can rise to 20 years. However, if the air conditioner receives little to no maintenance, than the life expectancy can plunge to 7 or even 5 years, and the air conditioner will begin to perform inadequately and inefficiently before that.

So the bottom line: if you want your air conditioner to deliver you a long lifespan in return for your initial investment, you must schedule annual maintenance for it.

How Else Does Annual Maintenance Benefit An AC?

Aside from longevity for the unit, a central air conditioner will run more efficiently with regular maintenance. Maintenance involves cleaning the unit and making adjustments to ensure that the air conditioner is not overworking because of malfunctions, dirt accumulation, etc. With the air conditioner running at its most efficient, you will save money from your monthly utility bills. According the U.S. Department of Energy, a regularly maintained AC will save a homeowner around 15% annually.

Maintenance also prevents repairs. Both the easing of stress on the unit and inspections to find where malfunctions may have already started will ward off future repair calls. Without maintenance, an AC can decline to the point where homeowners must spend around $500 per year on repairs just to keep it from a permanent breakdown.

Enroll in Maintenance Today

For quality annual central air conditioner maintenance in Denver, CO, contact Bell Plumbing and Heating. We’ve served Denver since 1926, and we have the experience and equipment to keep your air conditioner running in its best condition for many, many years.

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