Signs of Breaches in Your Sewer Line

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If there’s any part of your plumbing system that you want to remain in solid shape, it’s the sewer line. This pipe collects wastewater from the drains in your home and transports it beneath your house and front yard to the municipal sewer pipe in the center of the street. Until it meets the street pipe, the sewer line is your responsibility to repair should it become damaged.

Because the sewer line lies in a trench, far out of sight, it can be difficult at first to detect that it has a breach until the potential for damage has become too large. There are a few warning signs you can look for that will give you an early indication that you need to call professionals to repair the sewer line before sewage starts flooding the basement and foundations.

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Ways to Tell You Have a Sewer Breach

  • Drains clogs throughout your house: A clog in a single sink usually means a blocked drainpipe. But when clogs and slow drains begin to occur in many different places in your home, it usually means something has gone wrong with the sewer line that has caused it to back up, like a breach from a tree root or dirt getting into the breaks. These clogs will usually have a foul sewer odor, another sign of trouble.
  • Sewer smells from your yard: The sewer line runs under the front of your home, so if you begin to detect unpleasant odors of sewage rising from your front yard, it’s a tell-tale sign of a broken sewer line. The yard will also become soggy, as if recently watered—just much, much smellier.
  • Gurgling noises from drains and toilets: If you haven’t noticed drain clogging yet, but you hear gurgling sounds emanating from drains when water flows into them, it can indicate that sewage has started to back up along the pipe. Sewage gases escaping will bubble through the water pressing down on them, making this noise.
  • Vermin in the basement: Sewage problems will first start to emerge in the lowest area of your house, such as the basement, and this will attract pests like flies and rats. If notice the appearance of vermin when you’ve never had a problem with this before, you may have a leaking sewer line.

Sewer Line Repair is a Task for Professionals

You don’t even want to think about grabbing a shovel and digging to find a broken sewer line. This work requires extensive excavation followed by full pipe replacements. Don’t risk your plumbing or your property: call the experts like those at Bell Plumbing and Heating for sewer repair and other plumbing services in Lakewood, CO.

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