Late Season Furnace Repair

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Spring will soon start warming up Colorado, although we may have a few more weeks in which we’ll need to rely on the heating systems in our home. It’s as important now as during the deep of winter to keep your furnace in good repair. Your furnace has probably gone through a long haul over the last few months, so there’s a greater likelihood of repair needs cropping up even with the best maintenance done in the fall.

Here are a few furnace repairs you may need to schedule before the spring thaw arrives. Make sure you have them done as soon as necessary, or else your hard-working heater might have an expensive break down during one the last harsh cold days. For fast and effective furnace repair in Lakewood, CO, call up the experienced team at Bell Plumbing and Heating.

Furnace Problems to Watch For in Early Spring

  • Dirt across the burner: If dust and dirt have managed to creep inside the furnace’s cabinet over the winter, they can build up across the burner and make it difficult for the pilot light/electronic ignition system to light the gas jets. A booming or rumbling sound from the cabinet will often warn you that this is happening. If the burner fails to come on at all, you should call for repairs immediately.
  • Worn-down motors: The motors that run the blower and the air handler can also suffer from dirt and grime getting into their mechanical parts; or they could lose their lubrications and begin to degrade rapidly. Screeching and grinding noises are the warning signs to pay attention to, and you should call for assistance before the motors burn out. Repair technicians will need to replace the dying motors before they suffer complete failure.
  • Failed electronic igniter: Modern furnaces have replaced the standing pilot light with an electronic ignition system that increases fuel efficiency. However, the igniter has a shorter life than the furnace itself and will need occasional replacement. The time when the igniter is most likely to fail is at the end of heating season, so call for a repair technician to replace it if it no longer lights the burner.

Remember: Don’t Try Repairs On Your Own

Aside from changing out the air filter once a month, resetting tripped circuit breakers, and checking that the thermostat is set correctly, there is little you should attempt on your own to remedy furnace problems. Especially gas furnace problems. This work requires years of training and special equipment. You’ll risk your safety and your furnace’s long-term prospect with DIY or amateur repairs.

You will encounter a hard time finding a company with more experience with a wide variety of heating system services in Lakewood, CO than Bell Plumbing and Heating. We’ve been in the business of keeping people warm since 1926. Give us a call today and set up an appointment for your next furnace repair.

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