Common Drainage Problems in High Altitudes

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Life in the Mile-High City brings with it some unusual conditions, such as differences in baking temperatures and needing to remember that the potential for our cars to overhear is much greater than at sea level. One thing the altitude doesn’t affect, however, is drainage. The drain problems we have in Denver are much the same as you’ll encounter anywhere else. And that means, like anywhere else, you can’t ignore them when they occur.

Whenever you encounter clogs or slow drains in your home, you may have anything from a simple issue you can resolve with a plunger to a major problem affecting all your plumbing. The important thing to remember is that if you can’t fix it yourself with a plunger, you need to have professional plumbers come out to your home to find out what’s wrong and figure out a way to fix it.

If you’re looking for a company with long experience in Denver, you’ve found it in Bell Plumbing and Heating, where we started out in 1926 and have remained family owned and operated ever since.

Some Common Denver Drainage Problems to Watch For

  • Food clogging kitchen drains:
    A reason that kitchen drains clog so often is that the insides of their drainpipes collect food deposits that can start to seal off the passageways. The greatest concern comes from grease, fat, and oil, which often go down drains when they shouldn’t, and which change into waxy solids that will build-up over years. We advise that you have occasional full drain cleaning services done for your kitchen: this is better than unclogging a sink whenever it blocks up, because it applies cleaning to all the drains using high-pressure jetting that will make clogs a rarity. It will also keep the pressure in the pipes from rising too high.
  • Sewer line damage:
    If none of the sinks in your home are draining properly, with numerous clogs and slow drains, then you probably have a general drainage trouble in the sewer line that runs from your house under the street to the municipal sewer main. Tree root damage is one of the common causes of sewer line breaches in Denver; but whatever the reason for it, you need to have professional plumbers on the job as soon as possible. Sewer line damage can lead to flooding in your basement and its foundations, and the infiltration of sewer odors into your home.

Call the Denver Drain Experts

For your problems with drainage in Denver, CO, trust to people who have experience in the Mile-High City keeping plumbing clean and water flowing: Bell Plumbing and Heating. Contact us today and schedule your next service appointment. We offer drain cleaning and maintenance services, and have the skill necessary to replace your sewer line.

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