Why Does My Plumbing Smell Like a Sewer?

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It’s not a pleasant thought: the foul odor of sewage coming into your home through the plumbing. But it can happen, sometimes for simple reasons you can fix in a few minutes, sometimes because of major troubles with your plumbing that will require the work of experienced plumbers to repair. No matter what’s behind the problem, you need to act immediately and call in the professionals if it goes beyond anything but the simplest of troubles.

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3 Reasons For Those Sewer Smells

  1. Dry p-trap: This is the simplest explanation, and the easiest to fix. A p-trap is the curved pipe below a drain, and it collects water that acts as a block against a backflow of sewer gas from farther down the pipe. This water will eventually evaporate, and the dry p-trap will permit sewer gas to enter your home. This will occur in sinks that do not see frequent use; you only need to run water through the drain to restore the p-trap.
  2. Backflow from blocked vents: Your wastewater plumbing has vents to channel away sewer gas. The vents are located on the roof, and should they become blocked by debris or an animal nest, the sewer gas will be forced back up through your drains. You’ll probably notice a gurgling sound from your drains, which is the noise of the sewer gas forced through the water in the p-trap. Don’t try to go to the roof to fix this problem: for safety, call a professional plumber.
  3. Sewer line damage: This is a serious problem, and when you notice the sewer smell emanating from numerous places in your house, it is the most likely cause. The sewer line runs all the wastewater from your home out under your property and to the municipal sewer system under the street. If the sewer line breaks from age or corrosion, or becomes blocked because of root infestation, it will back up all the drainage lines in your plumbing, clogging drains and creating the noxious odor you smell. You’ll need professional plumbers to dig down to restore the line. Don’t hesitate about this: it will soon lead to flooding and damage to your home’s foundations.

If you can’t tell what is causing the sewer odors from your plumbing, don’t ignore the problem and hope it will go away. The issues with your plumbing could be quite serious and may require sewer installation by a professional plumber in Lakewood, CO. Bell Plumbing and Heating are standing by 24 hours a day and we’ll be out there to help you, no matter the trouble. Give us a call today to schedule your next service!

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