Targeted vs. Ongoing Drain Cleaning Maintenance

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Targeted Drain Cleaning vs. Ongoing Drain Cleaning Maintenance

When they need drain cleaning, Lakewood residents would do well to consider what specific issues are involved. Not every type of drain cleaning service is alike, and you should be clear about what you need before summoning a plumber to help. Specifically, consider the question of targeted drain cleaning vs. ongoing drain maintenance. What are the differences between the two and what are the issues that they address? The answers can be found below.

Targeted drain cleaning refers to cleaning that deals with a specific clog: something that doesn’t usually recur, but which prevents your faucet or shower head from functioning. In these cases, the plumber can apply specific remedies matching the nature of the clog. Grease build-up or fibrous vegetable matters from your kitchen might require a different tool than hair clogging your bathroom. In most cases, a mechanized snake with a fitted head tailored to the clog in question can do the job, though plumbers have a wide variety of tools at their disposal (such as high pressure jetting and video camera technology).

Ongoing drain cleaning maintenance, on the other hand, is more of a generic preventative step than an attempt to correct an existing problem. It entails an annual “flushing out” of your drain system, regardless of whether it’s functioning efficiently or not. It doesn’t deal with anything specific, but it can be a fantastic way to stop build-up before it starts: lowering the need for a targeted drain cleaning service in the future.

Our plumbing is vital to a functioning and happy home, and sometimes it’s necessary to clean your drains. A schedule of preventative maintenance can reduce the risk of more serious clogs, especially if your household suffers from clogged drains frequently. For more on targeted drain cleaning vs. ongoing drain cleaning maintenance, contact the experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating to help. We handle all types of drain cleaning. Our trained professionals can provide expert plumbing services in Lakewood to treat your particular clog properly. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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