Problems Caused by an Improper Boiler Installation

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You probably decided to have a boiler installed in Englewood, CO because of the tremendous advantages that boilers offer: low maintenance and repair needs, long lifespan, clean heating, and quiet operation. However, you won’t enjoy many of those benefits—perhaps none of them—if you have the boiler installed improperly in the first place.

A bad boiler installation usually occurs because of amateur contractors or an inexperienced homeowner trying to do the job him or herself. Boiler installation is a large task and needs trained and licensed HVAC professionals to handle it.

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Some problems from improper boiler installation work

  • Loose connections: A boiler installed without proper training will usually have loose connections to the main tank. This happens because of poor copper soldering—it’s something repair people see all the time with amateur installation. This will cause large leaks to occur, which will only get worse.
  • Improper water circulation: A good deal of planning needs to go into pipe placement for a boiler installation. Bad pipework often means a loss of heating through poor use of space, as well as wasted energy. Your boiler will have to work harder to reach the appropriate temperature.
  • Dangers from gas leaks: This is the most serious trouble you can encounter. If you have a natural gas boiler, by no means should you allow anyone except a licensed expert to handle the installation. (It might even be against the law in your area.) Shoddy connections to the gas line into your house can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Even if there is no danger from leaks, bad gas flow will mean a boiler that often fails because of a bad pilot light and gas burners.

Only trust professionals with your boiler

All of the above problems will lead to a boiler that not only works poorly, and maybe unsafely, but works inefficiently. This tosses out the main advantages of having a boiler in the first place: an inefficient system will cost you money and will run down rapidly. If you want a boiler that lasts as long as possible and gives you energy-efficient heat, make certain it receives a proper, professional installation.

Bell Plumbing and Heating has installed boilers since we first started in business. We are licensed professionals and family-owned since our inception. We can bring you the friendly and skilled service that will make your boiler installation in Englewood, CO go smoothly.

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