Explaining the Benefits of a Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Service

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Keeping your drains clean is an important part of having healthy plumbing in your house. Regular drain cleaning will prevent annoying clogs from occurring, and it will reduce the stress inside the pipes that results from build-up along the pipes’ interior, restricting water flow. However, we find that many homeowners don’t consider regular drain cleaning as part of the maintenance they do on systems throughout their house. But ongoing drain cleaning maintenance is the key way to prevent clogged drains.

Sometimes, however, you’ll still need to have clogs cleared out, and for this you’ll need “targeted” drain cleaning. For both targeted and ongoing drain cleaning in Aurora, call Bell Plumbing and Heating, where we have provided comprehensive plumbing services since 1926.

Allow us to introduce you to one of the important tools of drain cleaning: the Hydro Jet

The hydro jet is the weapon behind hydro-jetting, an assault on the clogs, scum, other debris that can block up your drains. Hydro jets are more advanced than motorized drain snakes, which are effective tools for removing clogs, but lack the hydro-jet’s ability to fully clean out the inside of a drain.

The hydro jet is a powered machine that can use an electric, gas, or diesel engine to operate. From the end of a high pressure hose that can snake down into your pipes, the hydro-jet blasts out hot water at a tremendously high pressure, usually in excess of 7,000 psi (pounds per square inch). The high temperature and the force of the water from the jet can blast through even the most adamant clogs. The hot water will also wipe away other organic deposits along the pipes, giving the area a full cleansing.

Working with water pressure that high can be dangerous. When doing hydro-jetting, plumbers will wear special protective gear to shield their skin and faces from accidents. They also need specialized training to use the hydro-jet correctly. Because of this, homeowners should never try to purchase a professional hydro-jet and use it themselves. These are powerful tools and should remain in trained hands.

Schedule hydro-jetting and other drain cleaning today

If you need targeted cleaning now to eliminate a clog, calling a professional plumber who uses hydro-jetting can take care of it. However, if over a year has passed since you had a visit from a plumber, you should consider scheduling a regular cleaning with hydro-jetting (and other tools) to prevent future clogs. You know how aggravating clogs can be: imagine having their threat eliminated almost entirely!

For top-quality drain cleaning in Aurora, CO, turn to the trusted staff at Bell Plumbing and Heating. We are proud to be family-owned since our inception.

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