What Should I Expect During a Boiler Installation?

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Choosing to have a boiler installation in Aurora, CO is one of the smartest decisions for receiving effective and energy-efficient heating throughout the winter. The quiet operation and clean heating of a boiler are additional pluses… and you can expect your new boiler to last you for many years with only minimal repair needs (provided you also schedule regular maintenance for it).

Here is what you can expect during the installation of your new boiler. If you want an experienced contractor to handle the installation so it goes fast and without problems, then look to a company that has been in the business for many decades: Bell Plumbing and Heating.

What Will Happen During a Boiler Installation?

If you’ve hired an experienced contractor, then the installation process starts before the boiler tank arrives at your home or even a single wrench comes out of a toolkit. The HVAC experts will first inspect your home and perform a heat load calculation to determine the proper size boiler to install. They will also figure the best location for the boiler and how it will hook up to the power source (electrical, natural gas, etc.).

A question customers often ask about boiler installation is, “How long will this take?” There’s no definitive answer, since it depends on how much pipe-refitting the new boiler will require and the time it takes to remove the former heating system. However, in most cases, boiler installation takes less than a full day to complete, and you’ll have your new system keeping you warm by the evening.

It is occasionally important to reconfigure some of the pipes in your home in order to reduce heat loss. Although boilers can obtain AFUE ratings of close to 100%, that does not take into account heat loss along the pipes. Professional installers will see to it that your new boiler suffers from as little heat waste as possible.

If you are having a natural gas-powered boiler installed, your technicians will take special care to see that the new system is hooked up effectively and safely to the gas line. They will test for leaks and check that the gas pressure is up to local code. If you’ve hired professionals, they won’t leave your home until they know the boiler will work for you without safety hazards.

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Without the work of qualified and trained installation professionals, you cannot hope to have your boiler work the way it should. Shoddy installation will mean years of repairs to correct mistakes, and it could also mean dangers from gas leaks. Don’t rely on amateurs for this crucial job: contact Bell Plumbing and Heating—we’ve installed boilers in Aurora, CO since 1926.

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