Heating Repairs Caused by Fan Motor Failure

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The furnace in your home performs two principle tasks: it raises the temperature of the air, and it distributes that air. The first task occurs in a combustion chamber with gas jets (for a natural gas furnace) or using electrical heating elements (for an electric furnace). The second happens through the movement of blower fans. Motors run the blower fans, and should these motors fail, your furnace will not be able to send the heated air through your house.

When a fan motor fails, there are a number of different repairs your furnace may require—and none of them are ones you should take on yourself. You want the help of a professional HVAC technician to solve the problem and restore your furnace to normal.

Bell Plumbing and Heating has almost 90 years of experience working with furnaces, so make us your first call when you need quality heating repair service in Aurora, CO.

Some of the repairs you may need when a fan motor fails include:

Replacing a burnt-out motor: If the motor burned out due to old age or poor maintenance, a technician will have to replace it for you. It’s important to leave this to an expert, because the replacement motor must have the proper RPM rating.

Replacing/tightening a fan belt: The motors in furnaces use belts, similar to the type found in car engines, to turn the fan. If the motor fails, it may damage the belt. If the belt has become loose, a technician can usually tighten it back on with few difficulties. If the belt has become cracked, it will need replacement.

Cleaning: A common cause for motors failing is a build-up of debris that can interfere with their moving components. Dirt shouldn’t normally get inside the furnace cabinet, but it can happen because of a clogged or broken air filter. A technician will need to clean the blower motor, and probably the fan and the area around it as well. The air filter will also need replacing.

If your fan motor fails, you will need it fixed immediately; you don’t want to go too long without heating during a Colorado winter! Call on Bell Plumbing and Heating: we have 24-hour emergency service and can help you repair your furnace quickly.

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