Why Is My Air Conditioning System Really Loud?

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A good air conditioning system can be a great comfort. Of course, if it is so loud during operation that it is an annoyance, the amount of relaxation you enjoy from its performance may be limited. If your air conditioning system is really loud, the Denver air conditioning repair technicians at Bell Plumbing and Heating are here to help. Let us inspect your system and inspect the situation. Our AC repair professionals have the tools and training necessary to determine the exact cause of your problem, as well as how to best resolve the issue. Schedule service with us today to get the quite, effective performance you need from your air conditioner.

One reason that you may here loud noises during the operation has to do with the fan in your blower. This fan is operated by a fan motor. If any component within this motor or the fan assembly has slipped or come loose, it may be much louder than it ought to be during operation. Do not allow a slipped fan belt or compromised ball bearings to give you a headache while you try to cool down. Call us at the first sign of any irregularities with the system. It also may be the result of a lack of lubrication.

If the sound seems to be coming from outside, it is very possible that the fan within your outdoor unit is bent or otherwise damaged. Over the course of the offseason some sticks, branches, leaves or other debris may have found their way into this unit. It is possible that they are causing an obstruction or that they have bent your fan out of shape. Whatever the problem, we can fix it.

The noise could also be the result of your air ducts. Air ducts may expand and contract under certain conditions, and they may also loosen up in the connecting fixtures. Only a trained air conditioning technician can tell you for sure what the real problem is.

To learn more about the potential causes of the noise during the operation of your air conditioning system, give Bell Plumbing and Heating a call. We are the Denver air conditioning pros you can count on to get to the bottom of the situation. Contact us anytime for more information.

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