Plumbing and Sewer Maintenance FAQ

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The sewer in your home is designed to provide fast and efficient disposal of wastewater so that it doesn’t pose a sanitary risk to you or your community. From time to time, whether because of root penetration, soil erosion, clogs or general wear and tear, your sewer main may become blocked or damaged. This is a serious problem that can pose serious problems for your home. That’s why maintaining the integrity of your sewer is at the top of the list for any homeowner. When you need sewer maintenance in Denver, CO, call the experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating. We wanted to help raise awareness of the importance of regular drain maintenance. Here’s a few of the benefits of getting your drains and sewer lines regularly inspected and cleaned.

Benefits of Regular Sewer Maintenance in Denver CO

Sewer maintenance can often sound a bit more daunting than it is. The expert plumbers in Denver, CO at Bell Plumbing and Heating are committed to educating our customers about the process. Here are some frequently asked questions about sewer maintenance in Denver, CO:

  • Where is that smell in my backyard coming from? If your yard smells a bit rank, you may have a leak in your sewer that is coming up through the lawn. It probably originates from the area above your sewer main, which sends your waste to the septic tank or to the municipal sewer. Sewage can contain harmful bacteria and microbes that pose serious health and environmental risks if left unattended. Call a professional plumber in Denver, CO to have it checked immediately.
  • What causes a sewer line to malfunction? If professionally installed, your sewer system will likely last a very long time. But there are certain conditions that can affect the integrity of your sewer line. Even slight shifts in soil or vegetation in the earth surrounding your sewer line can place incredible amounts of pressure and weight on it. Your sewer line can also break due to old age, or by becoming damaged by a root system. Don’t underestimate the power of trees!
  • What can I do to prevent costly repairs? Enrolling in a preventive maintenance plan can help you avoid costly repairs by ensuring your drains and sewers are periodically inspected and cleaned. This is a great way to stay on top of your home sewerage system.

Don’t let your sewer get out of control. Hire a professional plumber for your sewer maintenance in Denver, CO. Call Bell Plumbing and Heating today.

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