Furnace Tip : Choose a Reputable Brand

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For those customers looking to upgrade their furnaces or need a heating option for their new home construction, choosing a reputable brand is an important step. It can help ensure that you get comfortable and efficient heating for many years. At Bell Plumbing and Heating, we feature Rheem, York and Armstrong furnaces in Denver, CO. You can rest assured that every single unit built by these reputable companies is both durable and energy-efficient. Each unit features unique designs that allow our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Thinking about a new furnace in Denver, CO? Remember that a high quality furnace is only good as its certified and professional installation. Call Bell Plumbing and Heating for all your furnace installation and repair.

Choosing a Good Brand of Furnace in Denver CO

Started in the mid-1920s by the Rheem brothers, the Rheem company quickly established a presence throughout the US. Today, Rheem furnaces are well known for their high standards of workmanship, having been monitored and measured at each phase of the manufacturing process. Whether you choose the Value or Prestige Series, you can count on your Rheem to deliver exceptional heating throughout your home.

For more than 135 years, York has been building heating systems of excellent quality. Their designs are featured in the Capitol building in Washington, DC as well as the Taj Mahal. Their furnaces are award-winning and widely respected. The Latitude line is known for its compact efficiency, and the LX for its versatility and value. The Affinity line models are among the most efficient furnaces ever produced, offering up to 98% efficiency. Whatever your budget, York furnaces carry a wide range of options for your home heating system.

Armstrong furnaces are among the most durable and efficient on the market today. They have excelled in the furnace industry for over 80 years, and continue to offer innovative solutions to today’s heating challenges. Armstrong’s top-tier gas furnace features variable speed fans, modulating heat settings, a stainless steel heat exchanger, and an AFUE rating of 96%.

If you need a new furnace in Denver, CO call the professionals at Bell Plumbing and Heating today about what furnace is right for your home. Remember, a furnace is only as good as its installation. You should always hire a certified heating specialist to make sure you get the most from your new furnace. Call us today!

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