Plumbing FAQ 9: Plumb Services

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Many homeowners in Denver want to know how they can get the most out of their plumbing systems. The efficient and effective use of water is an important consideration: it can affect your health, hygiene and budget. The Denver plumbing experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating have assembled a list of frequently-asked questions that may help to address some of your concerns about the plumbing in your home. For more information or to schedule plumbing services in Denver, call Bell Plumbing and Heating.

  •  If I don’t use my drains, do they dry out? In some cases, yes. Depending on the material of the drains, they may dry out. Contact a professional to determine whether this is a problem or not.
  • How do you clean drains you can’t reach? We utilize the latest technology in video camera inspection in order to give a much more accurate diagnosis to any clogs or blockages. We also use high-pressure jetting, which clears most obstructions without the use of harsh chemicals. We recommend that customers enroll in a regular maintenance plan in order to avoid major blockages that can create backflow issues.
  • How do I know if I have a leak? It’s the homeowner’s job to recognize the tell-tale signs of a water leak, but once it is spotted, our team of expert technicians can take care of it. Common warning signs include: wet spots on the carpet, unusually high water bills, increased levels of humidity in your home, water spots on your lawn, or low water pressure.

We hope that these answer some of your questions. For more information, or to schedule plumbing services in Denver, give Bell Plumbing and Heating a call today!

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