How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

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Furnaces are one of the most popular home heating system options in Denver. This is for good reason. With a professional installation, routine maintenance and high-quality repair services, a furnace can provide you with years of efficient, effective heating performance. Make sure that you get the best performance possible from your heater by scheduling your professional furnace services with Bell Plumbing and Heating. Our expert plumbers have the years of training and experience necessary to help you find the perfect heater from your home. Call us today for some great advice on how to choose the right furnace for your home.

The size of the furnace that you purchase for installation in your home is more important than many homeowners realize. Bigger is not always better, and an oversized furnace can be just as inefficient as an undersized one. Bell Plumbing and Heating has the tools and skills necessary to complete an accurate heat load calculation to ensure that your new furnace is the right size for your home.

Our technicians also want to make sure that you get the most efficient furnace that your budget will allow for. The more efficient a furnace is the more expensive the initial cost tends to be. This investment can be offset by the potential energy savings that a new, efficient furnace can help you achieve, though. Contact us today for more information about AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings to ensure that you get the most efficient furnace possible.

At Bell Plumbing and Heating we believe that homeowners deserve a variety of furnace options to choose from. When you choose our team to handle your furnace installation you’ll have plenty to choose from. We are proud to carry a fine selection of furnaces from top manufacturers, including Rheem, York and Armstrong. Contact us today to learn more about your furnace installation options.

Your comfort is too important to gamble with. Let Bell Plumbing and Heating help you choose the right furnace for your home. We have the expertise to provide you with the efficient, effective furnace performance that you deserve.

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