How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing This Winter

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The Denver plumbers at Bell Plumbing and Heating want to help you prevent pipes from freezing this winter with a few tips. Preventive maintenance is always the best way to prevent any type of plumbing problem, but if you do have a leak due to a freezing pipe, call us. We offer 24/7 emergency service to customers throughout the Denver area. Call any time for service.

Here are a few ways to prevent your pipes from freezing when the cold weather sets in.

  • Pipe Installation:
    Ideally, your plumbing system should have been installed in a way that is designed to prevent exposed pipes from freezing during extreme weather conditions. Homes in colder climates typically have pipes installed in finished or heated spaces. If your pipes were installed outside the home, inside attics, crawlspaces, or other vulnerable places, they run the risk of freezing in the winter. Before you hire a plumber to install the pipes in a new home construction, make sure you hire a plumber you can trust to install them properly.
  • Insulating Pipes:
    If you do have a home with a poorly-designed plumbing system, there are a few options for you. While a plumber can re-route exposed pipes to other areas, this might not always be possible due to the location of the pipe and how much remodeling will be involved. In this case, you can always have the pipes insulated with the proper material, such as fiberglass or foam sleeves designed to fit tightly around pipes. Depending on the location of the pipe, you may need extra protection. Your plumber will be able to recommend the right type of insulation.
  • Leaving Water On:
    If relocating or insulating isn’t an option, you can always leave the water on to prevent freezing pipes. Even a small drip during extreme cold spurts can relieve excessive pressure building inside the pipe. It is this pressure that causes the pipe to burst, not the frozen water inside, so a small drip can prevent a burst pipe even if the water freezes inside the pipe. Keep in mind that leaving the faucet open if the water stops dripping will still relieve the pressure. If you turn on the faucet for the first time, and no water comes out, call a plumber.

Are you concerned about your pipes freezing this winter? The Denver plumbers at Bell Plumbing and Heating can help you prepare for winter. Call us any time for more plumbing tips or advice.

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