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Home Tip: Insulation!

Insulating your home can be an inexpensive way to keep your home warm throughout the winter and save you money on your heating bills.  It’s a no brainer- keep the heat your paying for INSIDE your home, while keeping the cold winter air OUT.  Follow these easy steps to get your home properly insulated, and if you haven’t checked your home’s insulation in the last 5 years, take a look around your home to make sure it’s still functioning properly.

  • Insulate your attic, walls, ceilings and floors to prevent heat loss.
  • Let the sun shine: open drapes during the day to capture warmth and close them at night to prevent heat loss through windows.
  • Heavy drapes or quilted shades make great winter window coverings. If they cover an area larger than the window itself, they are also adding insulation value to your walls.

Here’s a great website with all the information you need about insulation (R values, vapor barrier, insulation materials, and more), www.go-ecogreen.com.  Check it out for even more helpful tips!

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