Are You Ready For A Home Plumbing Emergency

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Here are 5 great, easy tips on how to be prepared for a plumbing emergency, from an article on  You don’t need to be a plumber or an expert on your home’s plumbing systems to be prepared in case something does happen.

  • 1- Store valuables above floor level. If you have a basement that you use for storage, consider installing high shelves for your precious things like photographs or childhood toys. You can get them to higher ground in case of flood. You may also wish to store them in the attic.
  • 2 – Learn where your water main is located and how to turn it off. Find the appropriate wrench to shut it off, and store it in the area of the valve.
  • 3 – Learn how to shut off water to your appliances, including sinks, toilets and your kitchen appliances. This is done by turning the shutoff valve behind or under these appliances.
  • 4 – Know the location of any tools that you need to shut off water to a specific location or to the main valve.
  • 5 – Be prepared with the number of a trusted friend, relative or plumber who you can call to fix the problem.

When in doubt, or if something does go wrong, give Bell a call at 303-757-5661.  It’s what we’re here for.

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