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Winter is ending here in Colorado (despite today’s snow storm!) and we’ve got some not-so-obvious tips on how to conserve energy and save money while the weather is warming up and once it’s hot out again.  If you have any questions or are interested in something mentioned below, give us a call at 303-757-5661.

Energy Saving Tips

For when it’s still cold out:

  • Limit the loss of expensive heated air to the outside. Use fans sparingly. In just one hour, these fans can blow away a house full of warm air.
  • Keep fireplace dampers tightly closed until you prepare to light a fire. An open damper in a 48-inch square fireplace can let as much as 8% of our heat escape out the chimney.
  • Lower your thermostat to about 65 degrees F during the day and 60 degrees F at night. For each degree you turn down your thermostat, you’ll save 3% on heating bills.
  • When using the fireplace, open dampers in the bottom of the firebox if provided, or open the closet window about 1 inch and close the doors leading into the room. This allows more air for the fire without reducing heat loss.
  • Make a draft detector by clipping a piece of tissue paper to a coat hanger. Hold the coat hanger in front of a suspected crack; any movement indicates a leak in need of caulking or weather stripping.
  • Avoid heating unused areas by closing off unoccupied rooms and shutting off heat vents. (Does not apply if you have a heat pump)
  • Learn about R values before you buy your insulation materials. These numbers indicate resistance of an insulation material to winter heat loss or summer heat gain.
  • Consider installing storm windows and doors. Storm windows can be both energy efficient and convenient. Good windows can result in cost savings of as much as 15% a year.
  • Consider the advantages of a setback or clock thermostat for your heating system. The clock thermostat will turn the heat down automatically at a regular hour before you retire and turn it up again before you wake

For when it heats up:

  • Close windows and doors during hot days and open them at night.
  • Close drapes and shades during hot days.
  • Reduce use of oven, incandescent lights and appliances that generate heat.
  • To stay cool, use ceiling fans to cool individual rooms.
  • To stay cool, consider installing a whole house fan in the attic.
  • Get a timer for air conditioners so they can be off all day and turned on before you get home.
  • Time for a new color? Use light colors when painting the house and trim.
  • Stay cool by planting shade trees on the sunny side of the house.
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