Damage Caused by Leaky Pipes

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Leaking pipes are a common grief that homeowners encounter with their plumbing. Not only do leaks create an annoyance, a reduction in water pressure, and a rise in water bills, but they can cause significant damage to property. Perhaps no other trouble in plumbing requires as fast a remedy as pipe leaks. (Although any problem in your plumbing should receive professional repairs as soon as possible).

For plumbing repair in Englewood, CO, you need, trust to the many decades of experience at Bell Plumbing and Heating. We know how serious leaky pipes can be, so we offer 24-hour emergency services to assist with fixing them.

Ways Leaking Pipes Can Damage a Home

  • Floorboard warping and wood rot: Many of the pipes in a home run beneath floorboards. As leaking begins, the wood will start to warp. If you notice odd lumps and bumps in your carpet or on the bare wood of your floors, it probably indicates leaking occurring. If this damage continues, it will lead to deterioration from wood rot, which is expensive to repair.
  • Mold and mildew growth: One of the reasons that even small leaking in pipes can turn serious is that standing water will lead to the development of mold and mildew. Both organic growths will eat right through building material such as drywall and significantly weaken others. The amount of structural damage this can do can lead to ceiling tile collapse and perhaps even larger issues. (Mold can also cause health problems; it needs remedy as soon as possible.)
  • Paint and wallpaper peeling: Water seeping behind walls will start to cause cosmetic damage. It will remove paint from walls and lead to wallpaper warping and peeling away. It can also cause other types of surface damage, such as de-laminating plywood and other materials.

Of all the types of damage that water can cause to a home from a leaking pipe, structural damage is the most concerning. Weakening of floor material can lead to furniture and appliances falling through, and ceiling collapse can turn into a major physical danger. The expenses for repairing this level of damage can be immense. But if leaks are caught and repaired in time, you can prevent serious water damage from taking hold.

To locate leaky pipes in a home, you will need professionals skilled in leak detection. If you notice a rise in water bills, a drop in water pressure, or see evidence of water damage such as discolored spots on walls, don’t wait: call a plumber for leak detection immediately to find where any leaking is occurring and put a stop to it.

Bell Plumbing and Heating offers high-tech leak detection and the plumbing repair in Englewood, CO to put an end to destructive leaking in your home. Call us today!

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