What to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician to Do Work in Your Home

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Every home needs electrical work done from time to time. Whether you’re looking at a complete rewire or the installation of a few extra light fittings, electrical work is something where you need to rely on the experts. What questions should you ask before hiring an electrician, to make sure they’re up to the job?

Things you should know before hiring an electrician:


Does the electrician have proper insurance to protect your property if something goes wrong, either during work or later as a result of negligence?

Are they also fully insured for any workers they employ, so that you’re not left holding the baby if they suffer an accident on your premises?


How long have they been working as a domestic electrician, and what kind of work have they done previously?

It’s not necessarily a showstopper if the electrician is newly qualified, but a solid work history is preferable.


Although a competent electrician should be able to handle any domestic job you have for them, if you want something a little out of the ordinary then it’s better to check if they have the right experience.

For example, outdoor lighting or garden water features may need slightly different expertise than rewiring a kitchen.

Certifications and Awards 

Is the company certified under all the relevant laws and regulations? Are they members of any trade bodies that guarantee competence? Have they won any industry awards, or met any exceptional standards?

Bell Plumbing and Heating is a BBB A+ rated business for decades with excellent customer reviews across all platforms. All of our technicians are drug and background screened as well.


Can they provide any references from local people that you can check? Would it be possible to see photographs of any particular work they’ve done, or even visit the site in person?

Subcontracting and Employees 

Will the person you speak to be doing the work themselves or using an employee or subcontractor? What training and qualifications will these other workers have? Is it possible to meet the team first?

If you’re inviting someone into your home, you need to feel comfortable with them beforehand. All of our electricians in Denver are full time Bell employees.


How long will the work take, and what guarantees do they give that they’ll finish the job on time?

Domestic electrical work can be disruptive to home life, so you need a reliable time estimate to plan around. 


Is the quote they provide fixed, or could you be in for a nasty surprise later? How have they arrived at the price?

Are all materials and outside services included? What payment options do they offer?


Is their work guaranteed, and for how long? What are your options if you’re unhappy for any reason? Our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tidying Up 

After they complete the job, will the workers be responsible for tidying away any mess, and removing any waste such as old wiring?

Most companies will do this as a matter of course, but it’s best to check beforehand.


Lastly, will they provide complete documentation of the work they’ve done, including any circuit diagrams and technical information? That will be important for any future work you need to have done with a different company.

Also, if the job requires any legal certificates for safety or compliance, will they provide these?

Any reputable electrical company or tradesperson should be happy to answer all these questions. With electrical work, it’s not just a matter of money; it’s also about safety.

Make sure you’re pleased with an electrician before agreeing to any work to be done in your home. 

With extremely satisfactory reviews on Google and Facebook, Bell Plumbing and Heating is Denver’s choice for electrical home services. Contact us for all of your electrical needs today!  

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