It’s Thunderstorm Season – Is Your Home Protected from Power Surges?

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Did you know that power surge claims average a billion dollars a year? That’s a lot of damaged electronic equipment and appliances. But there is a way to protect not only your equipment and appliances, but also your entire electrical system: whole-home surge protection. We aren’t talking about a simple power strip. Rather, we are talking about surge protection that is integrated into your home’s existing electrical system. This type of surge protection is far more effective and protects much more than a simple power strip.

Two Levels of Whole Home Protection

When it comes to power surge protection, there are a total of three levels, and two of them are for whole home use: level 1 and level 2. With a level 1 surge protector, an electrical power surge won’t even make it to the meter of your home. This is because the protector is installed between the main utility coming into your property and the power meter. Should a surge occur, a ground will re-direct the surge before it reaches your meter, helping your home and electrical system avoid the entire power surge. A level 2 surge protector is installed between your electrical meter and your electrical panel. With this surge protector, the power surge can enter your home, but it will be re-directed to a safe ground before it can reach your electrical panel and cause damage.

The Power of a Surge

Power surges aren’t just brown outs or lights blinking; they are balls of electrical energy, and they can contain as much as 40,000 amps. To put this amount of electricity into perspective, most home electrical panels are 200 amps – a considerable difference. You can lose more than a computer or TV with a power surge – you can lose large appliances, melt parts of your electrical system and have serious damage done to your electrical panel. The bottom line? Power surges are serious events and the best way to protect yourself from them is with a whole home surge protector. The electrical experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating can help you with all of your electrical needs in Denver, CO – just give us a call!

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