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We have just received a really great review from a customer that we wanted to share.  This is from John B. in Aurora, who had a problem with his heater last month on a cold Sunday morning.  Here’s what he had to say about his experience with us.  Thanks for sharing, John, and we’re glad we could help.

“I wake up this morning and it’s 52 degrees in the house.  The thermostat sets back at night, but not that much!  Nothing I do at the thermostat makes the furnace wake up.  I go downstairs and can see the pilot is on, but beyond that I’m lost.  Uh oh, it’s 6:30am Sunday, it’s January, and my furnace is broken.  I resist the urge to strike it with a large heavy object.

I call about a half dozen firms that advertise 24/7 emergency furnace repairs for standard rates.  Yeah, they’ll all come out; no they can’t say when they’ll be here but it will be no sooner than mid afternoon and maybe as late as early evening.  The only one who will make an appointment gives me a window between 5pm and 7pm.  No thanks, it’s cold in here.

I remembered that about six years ago Bell Plumbing and Heating had fixed my central A/C for a reasonable price.  It’s still plugging along.  So I called them.  Yes, they work Sundays for double their normal rates.  They can be here in an hour.

Right on schedule, a really nice guy named Jeff is in my basement and 15 minutes later I have heat pouring from my vents.  He even let me look over his shoulder, and patiently explained to me what was wrong, and how the part he was replacing worked.  Total bill – $238.00, including the $15 part.  Not cheap, but less than twice what the other places were going to charge me just to come out and diagnose the problem.  Plus, I didn’t have to spend my day in a jacket, gloves and hat waiting for the furnace guy.

My wife has stopped complaining about the cold, and my dog is sleeping peacefully next to the vent in the den.  Life is good!”

If you’ve had a good experience with Bell, let us know on our page here.  If you haven’t had a more than satisfactory experience, please call us at (303) 757-5661 and let us know personally so we can do everything in our power to fix it.  The plumbing and heating business is one that relies on positive word-of-mouth reviews from customers, and responding to feedback from our customers is one of the ways we’ve stayed in business since 1926.

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