What to Know about New Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

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When it comes time to undertake a home remodel, you have a number of considerations to make. This is particularly true with bathroom remodels. Whether your bathroom simply doesn’t look the way you want it to, isn’t as functional as it could be, or you want to find a way to open up the space more, this frequently used portion of your home deserves some attention!

But bathroom remodels mean new plumbing fixture installations, and for this kind of job, it definitely pays off to work with professional Denver bathroom remodeling specialists. Trained and experienced plumbers and remodelers have the tools and knowledge to help your project go off without a hitch, and have many different factors we look at that you might never have considered, such as what we’ve highlighted here.

Functionality before Aesthetics

For most homeowners, the main reason they plan a remodel of any kind is because they don’t like how their space currently looks. This makes a lot of sense! Remodeling gives you the chance to change the visual appeal of the space. However, it’s rarely a good idea to let your desire to have a great looking bathroom outweigh the practical needs of the space.

After all, you’ll need to be able to easily access your shower, sink, and toilet! You also need sufficient counter space for your toiletries. It’s vital that you plan for your daily needs for the space before beginning a remodel project, which is absolutely something we can help you with.

Understand that Square Footage Has Its Limitations

Every space has its limits, no matter how big it is. Bathrooms are generally tight, crowded spaces to begin with, so it’s important to work with a professional to determine how many of your goals you can realistically meet with your bathroom remodel.

Our team can help you prioritize a list of features you want in your bathroom so that you can push the things you really need for the space, rather than putting too much focus on things that are “nice to have.”

Bathroom Fixture Considerations

While it definitely depends on the scope of the project, many times when a homeowner decides to do a bathroom remodel on their own and forgo professional assistance, things go wrong.

We don’t intend to scare you into hiring a professional just because “we said so,” but rather we want to encourage you to at least consult with remodeling professionals for the job, especially when moving or purchasing new bathroom fixtures. Common mistakes made by “do-it-yourselfers” include:

  • Not measuring the toilet “rough-in” correctly. This is a toilet measurement that determines the distance between the toilet’s bolt caps on the floor, to the finished wall. Standard modern U.S. homes have rough-ins of 12 inches, however this can vary depending on how old your home is.
  • Not venting drains properly. Ventilation is essential. Your sink trap can get sucked dry, and won’t function as a barrier between your bathroom and sewer system as a result. You can imagine the problems that can come up because of that.
  • Not sloping the shower floor properly. If the masonry on your shower floor isn’t slanted as it should be, the water won’t drain properly, and you’ll have perpetual standing water in your shower at all times, leading to problems such as the unhealthy growth of mold and mildew.

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