Could You Benefit from a Zone Control System?

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Most homes in the Denver area rely on centralized heating and air conditioning, with a furnace the warms the air in the winter (and an AC unit that cools the air in the winter) connected to a series of ducts through which the heated air is blown with a fan. It’s a simple and effective process, and it works quite well. One major drawback to the system is that it heats the whole home without any focus or control. You can set the temperature you like, but you have to set it for the whole home. The ducts carry it indiscriminately through the house.

A zone control system installed in your ducts is a means of addressing that. Not only can it provide greater control over how you heat your house (and cool it in the summer), but it can end up saving you a great deal of money in the process. Here’s how it all works.

Shutters and Valves

Your duct system branches out from the central heating and air conditioning unit: spreading out to the various rooms and sections of your home. A zone control system simply installs a series of valves or shutters in the ductwork at key points. They divide your home into sections and each one can be adjusted to raise or lower the temperature in a given section without affecting the rest of the system. Zone control systems can be fitted into most existing types of ductwork without a great deal of fuss.

Huge Benefits to Your Home

The benefits of such a system are subtle but can be much larger than you think when you take it to its logical conclusion.

The immediate benefits involve more precise control over your heating system, allowing you to tailor the temperature to suit different tastes. For example, say you’re working on your computer in the study, and want a comfortable temperature. Another member of the family is cooking in the kitchen and wants to lower the temperature to account for the extra heat from the stove. Zone control systems let you set different temperatures in both parts of the home, ensuring that you don’t freeze and the other family member doesn’t boil.

That’s a lovely improvement to your quality of life, but it’s still just a luxury. If you expand that notion, however, the real benefits of zone control become known. The system allows you to turn down the heat in parts of the home you aren’t using (such as bedrooms during the day) while still running the heat in parts of the home you are. That means you can save a considerable amount of money without having to skimp on the needed heating required for a comfortable home. Your monthly bills will go down and the strain on the heater will be eased as well, since it won’t be wasting nearly as much energy in the process.

If a zone control system sounds like a good idea for your Denver, CO home, call Bell Plumbing and Heating today!

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