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Most of us are accustomed to traditional forms of heating in our homes such as boiler-fed radiators and forced-air furnaces. But they’re not the only type of heating system out there and if you’re looking for a viable alternative for your home this winter, you might want to consider one. In particular, we recommend the benefits of a radiant heating system, which use the floors of your home to keep you comfortable. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works.

Radiant Heating Installation

Floor-fed heating, or radiant heating, works by installing tubes or coils beneath the floorboards of your home. They then generate warmth that moves up through the floorboards themselves, providing gentle heat directly into your furnishings or feet. The coils can cost more to install, since the floorboards need to be removed in order to make them work. In exchange, however, they offer a number of tangible benefits that can help your home over the long term.

What Kind of Benefits?

Radiant heating systems tend to be much more efficient than furnaces or boilers, for starters, which means they won’t cost nearly as much to run, and can save you a considerable amount of money in utility bills. They contain comparatively few moving parts as well, and repair bills tend to be much more infrequent since much of the system is protected beneath your floorboards.

Even more beneficial, because they don’t rely on forced air to warm your home, they eliminate drafts, cross-breezes, cold spots and similar issues from your home. They also cut down on instances of illness, since germs and dust won’t be blown through your home. And of course, they provide safe and reliable heating to keep your home comfortable all winter long.

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