The Importance of Heating System Maintenance

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Fall will be here in just a few days, and as we’ve already seen down south, this winter is looking to be a long, cold and brutal one. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting cold temperatures in excess of what we’ve seen in previous years. That means your heating system is going to have to be up to the challenge of keeping your home comfortable and warm every day, no matter how cold it is. One of the best ways you can ensure that is to schedule a maintenance session for your heater from a trained professional.

What Is a Maintenance Session?

A maintenance session is a kind of tune-up for your heater. The technician will give it a thorough look and fix any little problems that need fixing, such as clogged burners or bolts that have loosened. If signs of a more serious problem crop up — something requiring a more formal repair session — the technician can note it and arrange for the issue to be addressed before the weather gets too cold.

What are the Benefits?

There are three tangible benefits to maintenance sessions:

  • Improved Efficiency. Dealing with little problems like loose bolts helps the heater do its job without using quite so much energy. That translates to lower bills over the winter, helping you save money on monthly costs.
  • Early Warning on Repairs. Generally speaking, the sooner you can address serious repair issues the better. Not only does it tend to cost less because the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread, but it lets you schedule repairs at your leisure, instead of scrambling to deal with an unexpected breakdown.
  • Longevity. When applied regularly over time, maintenance sessions can extend the overall lifespan of your system well beyond the warranty.

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