Signs that You Need to Replace Your Boiler

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Boilers have a well-earned reputation for longevity, especially compared to other home heating systems. The reason for this is that boilers have far fewer moving parts, which means that there are fewer ways for problems to occur. Despite this endurance, however, boiler systems do have expiration dates. There comes a point where the system just can’t keep up anymore, and it needs to be replaced. If you’re using a boiler system to heat your home, you should be aware of the symptoms that it’s reaching the end of its life. Let’s take a look at some of those symptoms now.

Higher Bills

All systems accumulate wear and tear over time. After many years of normal use, a boiler system will have quite a bit of wear on the various parts that make up its system. This will cause a steady decline in efficiency, which will force the boiler to operate for longer periods of time in order to create the same temperature changes. The longer the boiler operates, the more it will cost. If your heating bills seem to be rising for no apparent reason, you may need a new boiler.

Repairs Go Up

As previously mentioned, boiler systems very rarely need repairs. However, the repairs that they do need tend to pile up near the end of their lives. Normally, you should need to repair your boiler maybe once every few years. The closer a boiler gets to the end of its lifespan, though, the more parts will start to wear out and fail. If you need to repair your boiler multiple times a year, it’s definitely not worth keeping it. You should consider installing a new boiler system rather than repairing the old one.

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