Is Your Heat Pump Suffering from Dirty Sock Syndrome?

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Dirty sock syndrome may sound like a great name for the phenomenon of losing single socks in the dryer, but it actually refers to something completely different. The problem has nothing to do with actual socks. Instead, dirty sock syndrome is a problem that can develop with heat pump systems, including ductless heat pump systems.

What’s That Smell?

The most defining aspect of dirty sock syndrome is the smell – that of dirty gym socks. It is unmistakable and the reason for the name. The cause, though, is something you may not expect: mold growing on the coils of your heat pump system, or the coils in your ductless indoor blower.

Why Does It Happen?

The evaporator coils in your heat pump system or indoor blower can live for long periods of time in a moist atmosphere. This makes them prone to mold growth, as mold needs darkness and moisture to flourish. Once mold growth begins, it is very hard to stop, and mold can cover the whole set of coils. Mold is quite odiferous, and this is what causes the dirty gym sock smell.

How Do You Stop It?

At the first sign of dirty sock syndrome, call your Bell Plumbing and Heating expert. Our pros will thoroughly clean your evaporator coils to remove all of the mold growth, then take the extra step of sanitizing the coils. The sanitization process includes leaving the coils with a coating that will hinder the future growth of mold. However, the coating doesn’t last forever. The best way to ensure that mold growth doesn’t reappear is to schedule your heat pumps system consistently for bi-annual maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, one of the main tasks is to clean the coils. This significantly reduces the chance of your coils suffering from mold growth.

If you are smelling stinky gym socks in your home each time your heat pump HVAC system in Denver is operating, it’s time to call the pros at Bell Plumbing and Heating.

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