Winter Is Around the Corner – Have You Scheduled Maintenance for Your Heater Yet?

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We are certainly being spoiled by the summertime temperatures of late, but if you look at the calendar, you know the warm weather is not going to last very much longer. It can be easy to put off winter chores until it gets colder outside, but one task you shouldn’t put off is scheduling your Bell Plumbing and Heating expert for annual heater maintenance. Every heating system needs annual maintenance, and if you own and use a heat pump system in your Denver home, you should be scheduling your system for maintenance twice a year. Wondering why maintenance is so important? Let’s take a look:

Improve Efficiency

According to, every year your heating system isn’t maintained equals a loss of 5% of your system’s overall energy efficiency. You’ll see this reflected in your energy bills and in the performance of your system.

Helps Prevent and Reduce Repairs

Your technician will thoroughly inspect your entire heating system. This is done so he/she can detect any existing or developing problems. Small things like frayed wiring or dirty connections will be taken care of. If there’s a bigger issue that requires an appointment for repair, your technician will let you know so you can schedule repair.

Extends the Life of Your Equipment

The components in your system undergo cleaning during a maintenance appointment, and if they are moving parts, they’ll also be properly lubricated. These kinds of tasks put your system in good working order, which allows it to function optimally instead of in a stressed state. This helps protect it from the wear and tear that can reduce lifespan.

Maintenance for your heating system should only be handled by a trained expert. Our pros can help you with all of your heating maintenance needs in Denver – just give us a call!

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