Drain Cleaning Guide: What Is Hydro Jetting?

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Your home’s drains are serious work horses. They are used daily to wash away waste water in your kitchen and bathroom(s), washing down many different types of substances. It’s no wonder, then, that every once in a while, your drain or a few drains, may become slow or clogged. Pouring a chemical over-the-counter drain cleaner is never a good option for helping your clogged drains. These products are highly caustic, rarely resolve the problem and may burn your piping, causing damage to your plumbing. A much better option is to call your Bell Plumbing and Heating plumbing professional and schedule a drain cleaning appointment.

Using Water to Clean Your Drains

Professional plumbers have a number of tools in their arsenal to clean your bathroom drains. One of these is a hydro jetter. A hydro jetter is very much like a power washer that is designed to go into plumbing pipes. Pressurized water shoots out of a 360 degree nozzle, which ensures that every inch of your drain is cleaned. The water pressure is high enough to scour your pipes, loosening all kinds of build-up and debris, but gentle enough that there’s no fear of damage. In fact, hydro jetters are so effective that they can be used to remove root work in water and sewer lines.

Can I Hydro Jet My Own Drains?

Hydro jets are specialized plumbing tools, so you aren’t going to find them in the local hardware store, and for good reason: only a trained expert should use this tool. Hydro jets snake into your plumbing system, and in the wrong hands, this powerful tool can cause damage. This is why it’s always best to call an expert for all your drain cleaning needs.

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