Why Consider an Evaporative Cooler Instead of a Whole Home Air Conditioner?

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The ancient Egyptians knew it, and so do we: cool water applied to hot, dry air can offer your entire home a great way to stay comfortable. As purveyors of Breezeair evaporative coolers, our Bell Plumbing and Heating experts can install, maintain, repair and service your evaporative cooler (also known as swamp coolers). Why consider an evaporative cooler over a whole home air conditioner? First, let’s review how an evaporative cooler works.

Cooling with Water

Swamp coolers have two main components: a fan that draws in the hot, dry air from outside and a large, saturated pad in the inside of the cooler’s cabinet. As the hot air passes through the cool, moist pad, heat is absorbed, and the newly-cooled air passes through to your home. The one item to note about evaporative coolers is that they are made for arid climates, not humid ones.

Benefits of Using an Evaporative Cooler

So what kinds of benefits can you gain from using an evaporative cooler? Here are a few to consider:

  • Great for adding humidity – because swamp coolers use water to cool, they automatically add needed moisture to your indoor air.
  • Easy maintenance – evaporative coolers are far less mechanical than whole-home air conditioners, making them easier for a trained professional to maintain.
  • Constant flow of fresh air – because the air passing through the swamp cooler comes from the outside, your home will receive continuous fresh air.
  • Much lower use of electricity – evaporative coolers use up to 75% less electricity than whole-home air conditioners.
  • Very green – because they do not emit any greenhouse gases and use very little electricity, swamp coolers are very environmentally-friendly home cooling systems.

If an evaporative cooler seems like a good choice for your home in Denver, CO, call the experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating today!

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