Ways to Tell You Need Drain Cleaning

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If you’re a busy homeowner, you may not always remember to take the time to schedule the services your home may need. Here at Bell Plumbing and Heating, we want to urge you to schedule professional drain cleaning at the first sign of a clog. A clogged drain can threaten your plumbing and can cause sewage to backup into the drains, posing a major health hazard and forcing you to do some rather unpleasant cleaning. So when should you trust the job to a professional?

Water Will Not Drain

Most homeowners know that there is a major problem when water will not drain from a sink or tub at all. But unfortunately, some homeowners go out and buy liquid drain cleaning solution from the hardware store or grocery shop when a plunger will not work instead of calling on professionals. So why is this such a problem? Well the chemicals used in these drain cleaners are actually fairly dangerous, as they could harm your skin or damage your eyes. Furthermore, they are rather ineffective for many types of blockages. Professionals have tools that get the job done safely and clear clogs completely.

Drainage Moves Slowly

If drainage moves down the drain but travels somewhat slowly, drain cleaning is still urgent. Sometimes, this affects multiple drains in the home, which signals that the clog is further along in the drain line. Professionals will examine your plumbing to determine the proper tools to use. Then, they will choose between drain augers, hydro-mechanical drain cleaners, hydro jetting, or even an air burst drain cleaner for the job.

It’s Been a While Since You’ve Seen a Plumber

If your plumbing has not been examined by a professional in well over a year, the chances that a clog will appear are higher. You can schedule drain cleaning as part of annual plumbing maintenance to blast any stuck-on sludge from the lining of the pipes and prevent the possibility of clogs appearing in the near future.

Call the friendly professionals at Bell Plumbing and Heating to schedule drain cleaning in Foxfield as part of preventive maintenance or to get rid of any size blockage in your home.

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