Why You Should Call a Plumber to Unclog Your Toilet

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Clogs in drains anywhere in the house are a major annoyance, and unfortunately a common one. But perhaps no kind of clog can turn into as much of a hassle than a toilet clog, which often threatens to cause massive water overflow. Although sometimes a toilet plunger can clear out simple clogs, there are other reasons for toilet clogs that will require that you call a bathroom plumbing expert to remedy them instead of trying to fix the problem yourself.

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Reasons to call a plumber for a toilet clog

  • Repairs beyond a plunger can damage the toilet: You should definitely try to unclog the toilet yourself with the basic plunger. If that doesn’t work, however, the many other methods to unclog a toilet, such as drain snakes and various chemical mixtures (store bought or whipped up homemade), can be damaging. Drain snakes are effective, but only in the professional motor-powered version, and those require the work of a skilled plumber.
  • You don’t want to risk a larger backup/overflow: Attempting repairs beyond the plunger also brings with it the possibility of making the situation with the clog worse and causing a larger backup and overflow, or even leaking around the toilet. Wastewater backups are something you don’t want in your house, and they are also health hazards. Don’t take the chance with them.
  • The issue may go farther than a clog: Clogs in toilets, as well as in sinks, are often only the symptoms of a much bigger problem: trouble with the sewer line. The sewer line, which runs the collected wastewater from your house out to the municipal sewer, can suffer damage from tree root infestation, corrosion, construction, or landslides. When this happens, clogs will begin occurring as a first warning. A plumber who comes to unclog your toilet will be able to discover if there are worse issues at hand, and arrange for the crucial repairs.

Call for professional service to have the clog cleared fast

With one call to a plumber with 24-hour service, you should have your clog cleared in no time. (Unless the problem is sewer line damage, in which case you should feel glad you found out about it sooner rather than later.) Plumbers have the tools and knowledge to make this a fast job.

For fast and effective clogged toilet repair in Denver, CO, make that call to our plumbers at Bell Plumbing and Heating.

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