How to Tell If You Need a New Heating System

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Another beautiful but icy Colorado winter is rushing toward us (it’s almost Halloween!), and that means you’ll need to consider how best to heat your home until spring. How can you tell if the best option for keeping warm this summer is to get an entirely new system? Replacing one heater with another is a big step, and you shouldn’t make the decision without getting advice from experts who work daily with complex heaters.

At Bell Plumbing and Heating, we’ve spent decades performing Denver, CO heating installation services. We have a good sense for when an old heater needs to be updated with a new system, and in this post we’ll share some of the warning signs that might be telling you it’s time to make the change:

1. Higher heating bills—that stay high

You should never ignore a sudden jump in your energy costs, since it might be a red flag for serious repair needs. But if your heating bill climbs and stays that way despite fixes, then your heater may have gotten so old and worn down that it has to drain additional power to function properly. If you can’t rein in your heating bill through maintenance and repair, then perhaps the best way to get long-term savings is with a new heating system.

2. Noisy operation

Like a spike in heating bills, an abrupt and odd sound coming from your furnace or boiler means it needs professional attention. But if your heater makes unpleasant noises all the time during regular operation, and repairs won’t quiet it down, a replacement may not be far away. Ask a technician during a heating repair visit if getting a new heater is a good choice.

3. Reduced heating power

After years of service, even the best cared-for heater will start to lose its ability to keep you warm. Uneven heating may indicate a need for repairs (or you might have just accidentally blocked a few vents), but a house-wide reduction in heating that doesn’t react to standard repairs can signal that your aging heater should be retired.

Because all the issues listed above can indicate smaller problems, make certain you rely on an informed, outside opinion before you settle on getting a new heater. Bell Plumbing and Heating has been around since 1926, and we’ve kept up with the many technological developments in home comfort systems. If you want to know if you’re ready for new heating installation in Denver, CO, make us your No. 1 choice for all steps of the process.

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